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As the only school in Deniliquin that sits atop its very own hill, Deniliquin North Public is perfectly situated to set the 'highest' of standards, and this is exactly what it strives to do -It really is.... A GREAT PLACE TO BE!
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Stars of September

Congratulations to outstanding students'; Will Bull, Bydey Maher and Lucy Pitt on their selection as 'Stars of September'. Nice one!... Read more

What's New on the Website

Weekly newsletter, Stars of September (Home Page), Ballarat 2015 photos (Gallery), Bookweek Parade photos (Gallery), Terrific Towers photos (Gallery), Athletics Carnival photos (Gallery), Leo Barry Fundays photos (Gallery),... Read more


Stars of August

Outstanding students', Shaniah Smith, Jasmine Kilpatrick and Charlie Bull have been selected by teaching staff to be the ‘Stars of the Month' for August. Nice one!... Read more


Stars of the Month (June/July)

Outstanding students; Samara Watson, Abbey Lawson and Tom Charlton have been selected by teachers to be ‘Stars of the Month' for June and July. Well done to all!... Read more


Stars of May

Congratulations to outstanding students; Amy Doherty, Luke Learmonth and Ella Marshall on their selection as ‘Stars of the Month' for May.... Read more